This past weekend was a total blur. I had my sister and brother-in-law in town for the weekend. We had my little sister's graduation. On Sunday we had a mother's day brunch, graduation party for some of our YL leaders and then headed up to Concord for a YL conference. Then we spent the next three days in Concord for the conference. Whew. I'm still exhausted.

We had so much fun with our young life family....but the best part is that Bosten threw up all over me. Twice. For those of you who know about my baby-phobia, you're probably really surprised that I was holding Bosten long enough for him to vomit on me. I wasn't actually holding him for that long, he'd just been fed by the time it was my turn to play with him. The first time I was unprepared....the second time I wore a rain jacket and a towel. See how quick my learning curve is?

Ok, so this isn't a post about my exhaustion or about baby's throw-up....its a post about praising the Lord. Drum role please.....Bosten doesn't have CF! Sharon and Ryan weren't thinking that the tests would be back until late next week, so they were certainly surprised when they got the call from their pediatrician last night. Here's Sharon's post from Bosten's CaringBridge site:
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 9:10 AM, EDT
the cystic fibrosis genetic testing
results came back sooner than expected....we got a call from our pediatrician last night and bosten doesn't have CF!!!!!!!PRAISE the LORD!thank you for praying for us...it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from this long period of waiting and wondering. god has been faithful and we have thanked him for the last six months of trial & have asked for him to carry us through what lies ahead with our sweet baby boy. bosten does seem to be responding to this new combination of medication that he started at duke.
he appears to not be in as much pain and is crying a lot less. we have a GI doctors appointment this morning to talk about the higher percentage of unabsorbed fat in his stool and if we need to move forward with treating that. thank you again for walking through this with our family.
we know that god has used bosten in ways that we don't yet understand, but we pray that we can one day know. wish you could see my smile...
Thank you so very much for praying for my friends! Our God is mighty and he works in wonderous/strange/unbelievable/fantastic ways. The Lord could have chosen to not heal Bosten and to make His glory known in some other way...but I am so so so so overjoyed that the way in which God chose to display his awesome power was through giving Bosten a negative CF test. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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