fun finds for the cruise

I've been trying to find some cute new things to take on the cruise that I'm taking with Taylor, Chelsea and Lacey. I've had to come up with legitimate reasons to make these purchase since the economy is in the craper. Here are my oh-so-legitimate excuses, I mean reasons, for buying new things:
1: because I've been dieting and working out like a bandit and want some new clothes
2: because I still have some of my Christmas bonus stashed away
3: because the girls I'm going on vacation with are more fashionable than me
4: because I want to try out my new styles on vacation and see if I can pull them off

So, after fully convincing myself that I am allowed to spend my own money, I headed to the cheapest most in-style store I could think of: Forever 21. Josh hates this store. The first time we ever walked by one he said, "Well, you're not 21 anymore so I guess you can't shop there." He wasn't exactly banning me from the store so much as voicing his hope that I wouldn't try and pretend like I'm 21 forever. Good thing I'm 26 and still LOVE the store. Oh well, I'll check back in with him when I'm 30 and see how the store looks.
Anyways, I went shopping with my friend Bryanna this week and this is some of what I found:

I also found a really fabulous fedora, but I can't find a picture to steal off their website. Sad.
So what do you think of my options? I'm still looking for some fun accessories and tops---I'm totally fine in the dress department (thank you JCrew sidewalk sale!) Please let me know if you know of any good sales!

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chelsea said...

i wanted to buy those sandals but they didn't have my size! :o(

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