i'm home!

I'm finally home! Sorry for the extremely slack blogging---it turns out that wireless on the boat was really expensive and we never had time to use it.

We had a FABULOUS time on the cruise! I'm having serious denial about being back in the real world.....why is vacation so much more amazing than regular day-to-day life?!

This picture is from our second day in Grand Cayman. We snuck into the Ritz Carlton and played on the beach/had a photo session. It may look like I'm posing in this picture, but I promise I'm not.....a bigger wave than I was expecting came up behind me and soaked my entire backside. That's right....nothing like having to walk through the Ritz with a soaked backside of a sundress....now that's a walk of shame!

I'm looking through all my pictures right now and trying to figure out which ones to put up on here to show y'all about our trip....I'll post them as soon as I can.

And just for your information, I'm going to be bouncing back and forth between home and Windy Gap (where Josh is on assignment for the next 4 weeks) so blogging will be intermittent at best. But I promise I won't go another 1.5 weeks without filling you in on my crazy-ridiculous-but-still-really-boring-at-times life.

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lacey said...

oh! oh! i took that picture! :-)

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