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Yaaay! Its Friday! And I'm so excited!! Tonight my older-but-shorter-sister Lauren and brother-in-law Jon are coming into town---then we're meeting up with the family for my younger-but-taller-sister Taylor's college graduation. I love time with the sisters!

Getting ready for this weekend (spending time with my family and it being Mother's Day) has me thinking about family and especially about our extended family. Our friends Ryan and Sharon have spent the past week at Duke with their son Bosten. (You should remember Bosten because he's the first baby I ever saw in the hospital and the newest baby I'd ever held. Remember how scared we looked in the picture? I thought we were going to break him---we had no idea what we were doing. Good thing we were surrounded by medical staff!)

Bosten has been pretty sick for the past couple of months....which is pretty serious when you consider that he's only 6 months old. They've seen a bunch of different doctors in town and were finally sent up to Duke. The doctors were mentioning things like vitamin-deficiency and Cystic Fibrosis.....which had us all scared and sent all of us to our knees, praying for this sweet sweet boy. They spent the whole week up at Duke while Bosten was undergoing numerous tests and having a lot of blood drawn. They are know at home waiting for the results of the tests. (You can keep up with them on Bosten's caringbridge site.)

Please join me in praying for Ryan, Sharon, Elle and Bosten, specifically for:
-peace for the family
-experiencing God's goodness, faithfulness and healing
-the doctor's wisdom and discernment
-that it wouldn't be Cystic Fibrosis
-a readily available treatment for Bosten
-a long and healthy life for Bosten

**picture stole from Sharon's website :)

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