introducing Harvest: Small Batch Granola

I just started my own business y'all!
     Cooking with my family is one of the earliest and fondest memories from my childhood.  I've baked and sold a variety of goods over the years, from the basic box-mix-based cake to the complicated multi-course dinner party.  I love learning new techniques and trying different ingredients, but what I treasure the most is the face of a truly delighted customer.

     I've been making granola for the past three years.  I first started making granola for my husband and then quickly thereafter for my friends (and then their friends too.)  I would go to grab a cup for breakfast, only to find a few measly crumbs in the jar.  I began to toy with the idea of turning my granola-hobby into a real business.

     When we moved across the country this past summer I was excited (and honestly, a little daunted) about the opportunity for a "what-would-you-do-if-you-could-do-anything" type change.  It seemed like it might be just the right time to start my granola business.  I spent the next few months researching legal guidelines, recipes and branding.  Y'all, it turns out there is a lot more to running a business than knowing how to throw some ingredients together.
     After a lot of patience and prayer, Harvest: Small Batch Granola was born.  These recipes are dear to my heart and it's my hope to provide my customers with something they'd be proud to serve to their family and friends.  Each batch is crafted in my own kitchen, where it is lovingly sniffed by two toddlers and packaged with care before we sample it to smithereens.

      I'm currently selling: Original Recipe, Pecan Crunch, Fall Spice and Quinoa Crunch.  I can hand-deliver them if you live in the Stillwater, OK area, but if you aren't around town then you can check me out at: www.HarvestSmallBatchGranola.com


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