28 weeks and counting!

That's right folks, I'm 28 weeks into this pregnancy thing. Just had a check up and we're doing great! Our little girl is developing right on track and I passed the gestational diabetes test with flying colors. Its a huge relief to know that we're both healthy! Pregnancy so far has been pretty good. I've not been sick or had any of the pregnancy-horror-stories that some of my friends have unfortunately experienced. I feel so very blessed still be doing the mostly vegan thing and to still be pretty active as well.

We've got 12 weeks until this little girl arrives, so we're officially in the third trimester. Wow, that feels weird to say! Third trimester, as in yo-josh-and-blair-you-two-better-get-your-butts-in-gear-because-this-baby-is-coming-pretty-dagum-soon.

While we don't have any names picked out yet, we have accomplished one or two items on our to-do list. We're currently taking a birthing class through the hospital and we've set up the nursery a bit (huge shout-out to Elizabeth and John Schweppe for letting us borrow their crib, mattress, linens, bumpers, clothes, advice, patience!)

Here are a few pictures of the expectant couple:

Josh at 6 weeks post ACL surgery
we got special parking at the grocery store.
i might have to start shopping at ingles a bit more!

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