can you smell it yet?!?!

So much to blog about from this past weekend! I worked a wedding with my friend Chelsea. We coordinated and directed until our feet hurt and our brains were mush....but there's no one I'd rather work with. Chelsea's extremely polite, well organized, assertive and almost as crazy as me. Its official, we're going into the wedding coordinating biz.
The bride and groom are honeymooning, families are heading to the airport, the tent clean-up crew arrived....and I'm taking these beauties to donate to hospice:

ahhhhh, if only I could keep these at my house!!


chelsea said...

ahhhh they're so gorgeous!
and we rocked it on saturday. no one else i'd rather work with, either!

Connie Rollins said...

Beautiful. You two make a great team. Go for it I think you will be very successful in whatever you choose to do. Mollie has a very good friend who has been doing the same thing in Charlotte. Let me know if you want to talk to her. She has a book of photos of all the weddings she has done...Then people ask how much less if we only do?..Bottom line from her point of view is that her TIME is valuable and if you are going to nickle and dime her to death you might be happier going somewhere else. Nobody ever goes because you can't get anywhere as nice a wedding and reception for what Kathy does. (I do have some floral skills fom the debutante days. I am "free of charge" when in town.) Good Luck! XO MOM

Sunday Grant Photography said...

well this is certainly exciting and I just happen to know a pretty neat photographer!

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