Shelby's Bizarre Foods

Josh and I were flipping channels last night when we scrolled across the Travel Channel. There was a show on called 'Bizarre Foods.' I somehow talked Josh into watching the show......which was fabulous because they were showcasing foods from all over Appalachia INCLUDING SHELBY, NC!

You can click here to see where and what all the host Andrew Zimmern ate.

Here's what he did in Shelby, NC:

Annual Livermush Festival
Andrew heads to the annual Livermush Festival. Livermush, made out of ground-up pig parts, was invented here.
Location: Shelby, North Carolina
Food Eaten:
* Fried Livermush Sandwich with mustard
* Fried Livermush sandwich with grape jelly

Here's what he had to say about Livermush (and our friend Ted, the Mayor!)
****I can't copy the video on here...........but click this link and then watch the Appalachia highlights 3 and 4

"In Shelby NC, I attended the Livermush Festival with Ted Alexander, the Mayor of Shelby as my dining companion. Freckle faced kids in the parade, bottles of locally brewed Sundrop on ice, fried wedges of livermush on white bread with grape jelly and mustard smeared on all over it. Amazing." -Andrew Zimmern

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