holiday decor

We barely made it to Halloween on time this year. Let me set the scene: I'd just run a half-marathon and we attempted to register for baby stuff. I was exhausted and completely overwhelmed at how much stuff babies seem to require. We arrived home to see children trick-or-treating when it finally hit us: we'd forgotten Halloween.

I mean, its not like we're purposely avoiding the holiday all-together. It just doesn't really sit that high on my list of priorities.

So, Josh dropped me off at the house and ran to the grocery store to buy some candy and a pumpkin (no, we hadn't even gotten around to buying a pumpkin!)

We tossed the pumpkin on the front porch and managed to rip open a bag of candy with literally seconds to spare before the hoards surrounded us.

yay for Josh saving the day.

i'm not exactly sure how "ornamental strawberries" fit into Halloween decor?
and yes, this is all still sitting on our front porch
with the tags still on
now that's how you spell classy, folks.

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